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I often stumble upon something that catches me unprepared and must go with what I have available in the moment. I find the serendipity an accelerator that motivates me. As I improvise to capture an aspect or scene I am moved by or cannot pass up, as inconvenient as it may be right then and there. These are not the highest quality from a production standpoint but hold some of the essence in how I perceive them and potential impact if for no one but myself.

Along the Lands End trail somewhere at sunset. I am happy, even a bit surprised that I could catch the light close to the way I saw it, prompting this clip.

The early morning views at Lands End are fantastic. Each time, regardless of the weather, I have been there is a serenity I can find. Beyond the visual and the sounds from birds, waves or maybe the foghorn to the sound of a runners feet as they add to the symphony of physical senses that reaches into my emotional spectrum.

Baker Beach in the morning.

I took the source video on my cellphone (iPhone 13 PRO) when I stumbled upon this while out for a walk. I did have my gimbel with me. The audio track is borrowed and not mine. Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution. Anyone want to do a cover for me?

Why (a place to hold this video)

In my post: Open Mic at Bazaar Cafe! (video) I put this video with some description, as that is what makes a post and not simply sharing a link to the video.

As that may be, I am putting a link to the video here, for what that may be.

Leave me a comment, or what not. I really would like to hear what you have to say on this.

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