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I recently made it through the last step on this project. I made previous posts of part of the creation and now it has all come together.

Here is a photo of the finished piece.

I made many decisions throughout the process. I started with the text in the acrylic. I am happy with the results even as it is not without flaws. I am not a machine stamped kinda girl, give it some character and a helping of one-of-a-kind and I am far happier.

The painting is 18 x 12 inches and the acrylic is 24 x 18. I mixed the colors as close but not totally accurate to the point I could color grade them and get a exact match, again an ‘error’ made with intent. I did do color grading, which is a process, as it makes mixing easier in the CMKY codes to know how far I was off where. Then lighting and or monitor setting combined with white balance accuracy in my camera all play a role here.

The text in the lower right has the color codes for RGB, CMKY, Hex and Pantone.

The lower left is the description of the colors meanings.

The bottom center is the description from the flag creator Monica Helmes and her name at the top with the created and first shown information.

The text at the right has more information on the original flag.

I may have gone a bit far into the ambitious realm to complete this, I did splurge on the frame to mention just one.

I would like to do more Pride Flags and having learned from a few redo items and do betters I may. I will not go as far with the frame on future flags though.

I have no expectations but if anyone is interested in more info or would like one made of any of the official Pride flags I would be happy to consider the possibility.

It feels good to have made this!

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Open Mic at Bazaar Cafe! (video)

This post is a special one for me as the results are very unknown at the moment to what may happen as this goes up. The first post I made on this blog was a written work by myself and this is video of me reading it in front of a live audience.

It took a bit of time and effort to get to this point. Many renders of the video is just one. I asked those whose sounds can be heard permission and obtained releases to use them.

I have to give another really appreciative thank you to Elliot Racine – I love your style and energy! The other musicians and people who chose to remain in the video without credit and of course Bazaar Cafe!

After I read and saw the next several performers I stepped in I to the garden out back of the cafe to rest and process what had happened. I was not there long when I received a spectacular compliment. She came and found me to say that way I wrote helped her understand more about what it means to be trans. She said as a supporter and ally my words spoke beyond my demographic to bring a description she could see bridging more than what is commonly found.

This is the reason I am taking the risk to put this out. To build understanding and bring people together.

Those that have read, heard or seen these words have their own way of expressing the similar ideas that this combination and order of words can resonate within and beyond the trans community.

My hope and dream for this is just that and I want to see this happen so much.

And with all of that, I give you:

I am going to try to let the video speak for itself and not further embellish.

Please leave your feedback, I especially want to hear how this helps people.

And the necessary details:

As for the details, Attribution, no-derivatives, Non-commercial rights. This means you cannot alter the video and you must credit me “EmpressEm” and no commercial use and no you cannot use this in any way for profit.

This leaves people to share this as-is without the need for additional permission as long as the above is met. For requests outside of this, please use the contact page on this site. (not that I have any anticipation of such.)