My Opinion

I am my own measure

I have never been one to find competition good or enjoyable for myself. I also feel no need to look to others for validation of who I am.

When I feel my best is when I find knowledge in myself. I see I did better today than yesterday by my own measure or when an experience has an internal response that gives me cause and reason to keep going. There is little I need to get from others to find value in myself.

It is those thoughts when I am in my own mind where I have the notion of, hell yes, I did that, whatever that was that makes me feel success. Others play a very minor role, a cameo in most cases at best.

I am not and do not mean to put down anyone who is not the same in this. I am not competing with anyone as I said. It is when I see people asking or seeking validation that I think about how I do not have any desire to do that and maybe someone could see this and find something they need. I would prefer to uplift another over and other result that is neutral or puts anyone down. I share for me to share what I want to get out and in hopes it helps.

So if this is what you need; go do better today with the energy you have better than yesterday by your own measure.