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Echo and Echoing

A question I have on extending understanding of Transgender and LGBTQ+ rights as a whole as well as beyond to include all the minority and discriminated communities is simple words but the easy ends. The community needs to find a way to answer this conundrum.

This question is under the phrases of ‘echo chamber’ ‘preaching to the choir’ or simply put retelling to those already in the know. How to break out of this bubble or feedback loop constructively is a significant challenge.

How can communication be helpful and constructive with an absence of debate and combative tone while not pushing change of belief systems in others?

I think if this can be figured out it can be to way to rediscover humanity and build bridges for the good of people, all people.

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A Dragon

Anyone who attacks the lives of others is just a small heart, small mind and no soul worth redemption. A convoluted pile of fear coated in a Napoleon complex bathed in narcissism. The fear is buried and distorted by hate that attacks the very fabric of what those people claim.

Attacks on Transgender people Non-binary, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Intersex, Queer plus, plus plus. The long standing history of Black suppression. Asian discrimination against the mere presence of of people not nearly enough effort has been given to understand. This is pitiful and holds no valid excuse or reason of good, noble or even human.

We let these attacks hurt us when we the marginalized can see these for what they are and laugh in the face as they show what they really stand for; money, power, control and to wear a costume to look good for others while their attacks reveal the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The devil in disguise. The pointing out of a red herring. These distract others and themselves from the the inadequacies they bear the weight of.

As a trans woman I have to face my daemons every moment I am. I must think anyone part of a community under attack is pushed to do the same.

Our aggressors are too weak to do the same and make us their targets rather than face what is too much for them, their own daemons. The emotional baggage they carry is too much so they feel they need to distract themselves and others from noticing they are the ones with the issues to be resolved. Too weak to work on themselves, they must attack others.

I do not wish evil upon them unlike what we the oppressed receive. I do not ask for a formal or public apology for their atrocities. I hope they find a way to reconcile what deeply troubles them and find peace in a world of diversity and change.

Calm down, relax and take a deep lifelong breath of unity and peace.

I am not here to throw stones but beg for a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere regardless of demographic, culture or difference. Communicate and strive for understanding over winning or being right and not wrong. Cooperate and not to demand. Pursue understanding and hold back judgement.

The idea of a dragon changes and one way this is in culture. The symbolism of a dragon is a protecting mother much as a bear will defend her young. The dragon mentors, protects and nurtures and when she must draw on her wisdom and strength, defend against the aggressors.

Let us keep the nurture and caring mother dragons doing just that and end the need to defend as aggressors are nowhere.

The noble and just will let the past be and work tirelessly to forge a new beginning on solid ground with a clean slate.

Can we open the door, negotiate, even if informally, to begin again and vow to an eternal ceasefire for the prosperity of humanity.

My blog is titled Empress Em and this can illicit notions I am aware. The thoughts of a ruler or any standing above is not who I am or what I stand for. I am a peasant Empress of a life full of struggle and not one of privilege or power. I rule only my own choices and mind, no one else.

I also dilute the ideas of Queens, kings, Empress and Emperor to President, Chairman, dictator and the entire list possible to make here. These should not be titles on authority but strive to be Buddha or flow as the Taoist.

If we are to kill anyone we should do so not in hate, desire, power, greed or otherwise but in the warmth and comfort of compassion and kindness.

Forgive and move forward without combat. We are not gods and as such we are fallible and have no authority in the judgement of others. This goes both ways and in every direction.

Can we stop hurting others and can we stop denying ourselves?

Time to let the lie of the red herring no longer be a scapegoat.

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Open Mic at Bazaar Cafe! (video)

This post is a special one for me as the results are very unknown at the moment to what may happen as this goes up. The first post I made on this blog was a written work by myself and this is video of me reading it in front of a live audience.

It took a bit of time and effort to get to this point. Many renders of the video is just one. I asked those whose sounds can be heard permission and obtained releases to use them.

I have to give another really appreciative thank you to Elliot Racine – I love your style and energy! The other musicians and people who chose to remain in the video without credit and of course Bazaar Cafe!

After I read and saw the next several performers I stepped in I to the garden out back of the cafe to rest and process what had happened. I was not there long when I received a spectacular compliment. She came and found me to say that way I wrote helped her understand more about what it means to be trans. She said as a supporter and ally my words spoke beyond my demographic to bring a description she could see bridging more than what is commonly found.

This is the reason I am taking the risk to put this out. To build understanding and bring people together.

Those that have read, heard or seen these words have their own way of expressing the similar ideas that this combination and order of words can resonate within and beyond the trans community.

My hope and dream for this is just that and I want to see this happen so much.

And with all of that, I give you:

I am going to try to let the video speak for itself and not further embellish.

Please leave your feedback, I especially want to hear how this helps people.

And the necessary details:

As for the details, Attribution, no-derivatives, Non-commercial rights. This means you cannot alter the video and you must credit me “EmpressEm” and no commercial use and no you cannot use this in any way for profit.

This leaves people to share this as-is without the need for additional permission as long as the above is met. For requests outside of this, please use the contact page on this site. (not that I have any anticipation of such.)