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Next step on my TDoR painting

While I have only a working title for this and still have much to do to get to completion, I made the next step recently and made another time-lapse.

I did completely cover and hide the first part and that is my point in doing this the way I have. The final piece is important, but the process and what I go through is just as significant when I put paint on canvas. What music was I listening to, what did I feel before, during and after. What were all the thoughts I had during my work in each part and aspect.

Once I feel I have done what I need to and can tell myself I have completed a work a new stage can begin. That switch is from me and my experience to anyone who might come in contact with what I put myself into. I have to let go of all I did and felt to allow others to do what they do when viewing. Others will make assessments either consciously or just by being human, sub-consciously. The results could be anything I would think that a person could react, respond or have as a reflex. That is for them and not me, I did my part in creating.

As I mentioned there are numerous other parts to be completed, but here is the edit of the video.