Photography and the resulting image is more for me than is often apparent at the moment. When I carry a camera I take pictures of what I find that I connect with in a moment and this is what ends up being the images I enjoy the most. When I feel something and that emotion is why I chose to attempt to capture what I see.

A small collection of my photos. I will add over time.

This page may produce slow load times, my condolences for your slow connection.

As the calendar has moved to 2023, photo updates.

San Francisco

This crazy and magical city is where I am at home. Many of my photos are taken here.

Some images just hold a place in me others fall short of.

This is a selection of some of those photos.

I was at the BLM protest at Delores Park after the killing of George Floyd. Some of the pictures above I took there, it is abundantly obvious I think which ones. If you want an idea of the scale of this protest a good video from a drone on YouTube can start to explain what tens of thousands of peaceful protesters look like from above.

Being there is not easily described as the words would sound conflicting. I can say that I am saddened that this event even needed to take place and I did what I knew to do that day to show my respect and support for a community that knows what discrimination is and means to be under.

Just random fun with a camera

Not SF

Just a few photo taken in other places.

A collection of photos from my Adobe Portfolio page

I am considering taking it down, still thinking this through. IDK

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