Community Near and Far

First I hate the idea of sales and marketing. This is an awful, horrible and just evil way to go about things in far to many cases. A process of manipulation and deceit are embedded in the whole practice. Just disgusting!

Here are a few thing that have no direct benefit to me or this blog from a monetary or a traditional standpoint.

These help people plain and simple.

Please help those who need positive support for their efforts to help others:

Trans Lifeline

Transgender Law Center


Human Rights Campaign

This list could easily go on and on.

I do not want to just ask for donations or any such thing that helps just me or this blog. I also do not have the resources to sell much of anything either right now.

The challenge comes when if anyone would want to support the operation of this blog they should get something and not just some cheap swag or the idea of “all I got was…” So what to do?

There are referral links and the one I can think that is weighted to someone who might want to use it will give them a $200 credit and give me a $25 credit. This will go directly to supporting operations and upgrades to this blog while giving you more than me. I hope that sounds good, but it is your decision to use or not.

DigitalOcean Referral Badge

I will update as I can find more for you to help others without that propaganda crap messing it all up.

After my post Ta-da I have been thinking of doing more Pride Flags. If anyone would like me to make one for them for one of the official pride flags reach out on my Contact page.