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They wouldn’t listen anyway, so…

If there is a group of people that someone has negativity about, why would they listen to them? If a person thinks of says, why, I don’t understand, who would and so on into oblivion, why would they even list to any of ‘those people’?

As a trans person anyone anti-trans would most likely not give me the time of day. Rather, it would be insults, criticism or attempts to word me into being wrong. Why would I listen to them? If there is an inkling of intelligence I might but that is rare to find. Excuses and claims on their position and fighting for every inch or even as much as a single mm to be and maintain they are right is what happens far too often.

What about the homeless or anyone seen as less than or have made mistakes or suffered from a choice of others or themselves.

I could rant for days, but this is quite pointless beyond raising my own blood-pressure so I will not.

I will say that this is an systemic issue in the way we experience society as I see it. Those attitudes are perpetuated by the sales and marketing propaganda, invasive technology and generations of persecuting the have not’s for the benefit of those who do. The ability to freely think is under assault, as is personal choice in the name of ideas that are baseless in their claims. The way I see it, these enable those with power and money to not just hold on but gain and grow.

When anyone aims at a person for who they are, the situation they are in for one reason or many they are adding to the control and wealth of those they are minions of, the ultra rich and powerful are the masters they often unknowingly serve. The best minions are the ones who do not see themselves as such.

Are you a minion? If you even could possibly be, would you change that?

I went to the Netflix Walkout in LA the WikipediA entry has more details. As a trans person I went to peacefully support other trans people. I took the photo in this post there. I do not want or need to boast about this. I do need to say the most important reason I was there, to support people who needed support – period!

I was at many BLM protests after the killing of George Floyd. I am not a member of the black community but I did and do want to support people that need support. Being part of or not of a group does not make anyone important, irrelevant, right or wrong.

Speaking, acting as one knows so much better than those of a group and that group is less or wrong, etc. is a red herring and is pointing a finger in shame to the ones who ARE better. A diversion tactic that is far more effective that it ever should be. If one puts down others, what makes them a god and all knowing? Just stop please and be human, help someone or just move on in silence.

Protest for people to have better to be better or just sit down and be quiet.

A few more photos from the walkout:


If one could…

If someone could stop giving money and data to big tech companies without losing all the capability, are there enough people who would end that relationship?

If you could have the features on a private, non data mined and sold off to the highest bidder place where you had control of your own information, would you?

It has been over a year for me now since I have ordered anything from Amazon or Whole Foods. I do not pay for any Google or Apple cloud services. I stopped giving any money to Microsoft about a decade ago. My end to giving them money has not stopped their profiting from my online existence. They take my data, constantly just as they do yours.

I have this WordPress site and I am fully capable of keeping it while ending any future $’s out of my pocket into WordPress’s hands. I can also secure, manage and maintain full functionality without dolling out more money for plugins and features for sale. I have done this and can just as easily do it again.

I made a choice when I created this blog based on my level of time commitments at the time and like many, I just wanted it to be quick and done.

As time has passed and I have not stopped thinking, planning and implementing my reduction on big tech and a decision is approaching. The question of where do I take this and just how far will I end up going?

There is an unanswered thought that I simply cannot pull out of my mind or the air. That is, are there others with the same or similar desire?

I am sure I have mentioned that I make my income through tech and my spare time is spent in creativity. There are positive and negative aspects. In a way is is helpful to have the right and left brain abilities that I do, on the other it does create a bit of conflict. When I try to find a way to bring these skills together I often go to something around where this post is. What is the best way to keep the good parts of tech and dump the bad?

The best way I see is to end the bleeding of my data and money for the gain of big tech.

As in many parts of my life I feel a bit alone and isolated in ways. There seems to be few if any that give pouring every aspect of their life into the bank accounts of these companies much thought.

My question for you is; do you care about any of this? If you do, would you want to do something about it? Let me know in the comments or my contact page if so.