Humanity, why

So, what’s that about?

Yes, I know I have been silent for a while. Rest, recharge and get through some of what life does.

As I woke recently and had coffee I did some reading to understand a friend. As I read I had to notice how part of their activities are related in a human or psychology way to some I am a part of. This of course brought me around to this post.

First, my friend is a furrie. I did not fully understand what this meant and so, I made effort to learn. As I am part of and familiar with te LGBTQ+, kink, etc. communities I has some hesitation on making assumptions. I thought, is is like a Bear? For those wh do not now a Bear is a subcategory under the gay umbrella. As I did not know, I looked it up in mutiple places, just what is a furrie? Not a Bear, I can say that now with a significant level of confidence. Two articels I read were takes on a decade long research study into furries. The social, psychological and less tagible aspects of furries is not unlike so many commuities that get a horrible take in the media. BDSM for example. Most who have not been exposed or had enought of the correct exposure do not have an understanding of this community and think it is one person beating another or tieing someone up. I can say ths is so far from a good way to describe BSDM is is scarry. Kink is also a misrepresented group as well as numerous others.

I have gained more appreciation for my friend and furries than I had before developing a more accutae and through basis of knowledge. Being a trans woman, kinky and a part of the BDSM community and others I knew this was a likely outcome.

Understandibly, many who are in any of these or numerous others keep a line drawn between parts of their life. Be that work, familiy, friends, etc. I am stuggeling a bit with where that line needs to be for me. As an out trans woman I see how much my life has changed, so much for the better but there are negatives. One downside is learning who is really a meaningful part of my life and who is too challenged with aspects to stick around.

If we are all in a fursuit and do not look at what is used to place judgement on others and we can get to know someone without the barriers of that and just be human, have fun being around others then what is the use and point of all those preconceived assumptions in the first place? I can think of a few and none are good for people at the end of the day.