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Sleep drunk

When I was young I was not a fan of sleeping much, well, beyond waking up to go someplace or do something I had no intrest in anyway. When I gained a few mre years of life and started to see how shitty people can be I changed. I started to sleep more. When I was in middle school I self enforced a bedtime for myself. I remember being out with my family at that time and when I saw my bedtime was aproaching I pushed to go back home. As an adult, many years later I was asked how many hours I sleep a night. My answer was 9 or more in that point in time.

Jump ahead in my history to when I was wanting to come out. My sleep quickly went back to when I was very young. I did get enough but life was just too good to miss in so many wonderful ways. Being I was unable to for numerous reasons come out I went back to my sleep a whole bunch state. Then, once again as I was determined to come out and live life, right back to the shorter sleep patterns. I was too happy and excited to be in the world to waste so much time in dreamland, I could be in a world that I needed so desprately for what is more years than I want to admit I was not part of.

Now, I am out and the crushing weight of this hatful world has me getting sleep drunk to escape the presure and the pain.