Dissent, Humanity, why

When these die

When empathy and compassion are reduced to a rarity humanity loses the opportunity for hope at a parallel rate.

When I hear someone say “I don’t understand” or “why would someone”, etc. there is all to often a sense of inwardness and a blatant lack of looking outward. When someone cannot find for whatever reason any understanding in another regardless of how different they may seem, empathy and compassion are failing.

I am one to look out upon the world around me with a curiosity and desire to learn and experience what people have to lend in rich and creative ways. To expand what makes society and people amazing, beautiful and interesting.

This is increasingly an uneasy, to be mild, way to look upon society as the grim and evil are there to be seen along side the contrasting. The balance is off and not just a little from my perspective.