Trans, transgender

Show some love

Today is Trans Day of Visibility.

Show some love fo trans* and non-binary people. It does not matter if you understand or get-it or not. You are not required to. I am happy and proud to be myself. There is nothing I can imagine, even in the extremes that would make me deny myself of my own life for some comforts or to make things easier, nor anything else my mind can conjure up. Believe what you do, feel how you feel, have your opinions but when those take other peoples ability to live their life keep them to yourself and let others be and silently move on.

The beautiful, strong and talented people that are part of this community have hearts that outshine the sun. The love and beauty is something spectacular to behold. Inspiration to be alive and live is crazy. We are diverse in personality, talent and gifts to share, all we need is to be allowed to live out our lives and be as safe as anyone else doing so.

Big group *HUGS*