Humanity, Trans, transgender

Far from good enough

I am taking a risk. This is fully within myself. I am sharing bad selfies.

These are bad not due to anyone else or their thoughts or opinions. If no one other than me sees them this does not change. If others do, still it does not change in that I am not fond of some aspect or the entirety of these.

I am not not have the delusion that I am better or right more often than others. I am flawed just as every human is as I see it this is without exception.

In all my issues, errors, mistakes, etc. A collection of selfies I did some editing to obscure just a bit to not make me cringe quite as much as I do from the original image.

Even as I titled this, I am good enough. I am me and finally I can be alive and have hope for I life I never have had before. I may take some bad selfies but I am here and I am alive and those things that I see are not what I am not happy with. It is how the world around me reacts to them that is sad and depressing. It is as if others cannot live up to what people expect them to and those demands keep happiness at bay, then the attacks others to bring them to that same place of feeling inadequate, but it does not need to be this way. We can decide to be ourselves and be happy but the violence in physical, verbal or legislative form must end. This is not just for transgender people, or people of any specific group but all and everyone.

Find your own happiness and let others do so as well.