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The hands you feed

Many are familiar with the phrase “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” While this may be cultural in the wording the idea I think should translate properly.

What happens when you are the one feeding? What are the ways this is done? The methods apparent to me are in the form of money, time, effort, skill, etc.

We feed those we work for and the services we pay for. I saw a post on some social platform some time ago that read something like “the phrase ‘cost of living’ is dreadful when you unpack it.” Makes me think a bit.

We, or most of those in the US, pay for healthcare. The idea as I understand is to maintain a healthy life both physically and mentally as well as emotionally. When you add in the costs of insurance premiums, copay’s and everything else it is at least for the non rich to take on stress from the financial burden of just having insurance, even if it is not or little used. A system to keep you healthy is a source of an attack on that very sense of well-being.

Work is much the same. Give your time, effort and skill just to maintain food and housing with the hope you have some extra to have some enjoyment and counter the impact it creates.

It looks to me the very things we rely on and pay for to live are the same things that attack our very ability to live.

We feed the hands that bite us back!