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Friends and Healing

When a dive about and ending up watching the last light of the sunset from the beach I took a few photos as we chatted about this and that.

We had both been having a day of our own and the conversation with all the twists and turns in topic and tone provided me with a healing. I hope she felt the same in this.

As she drove the car the shutter on my camera made the sound each time I pressed the button, we chatted and kept on. The car turned here and a photo there as we winded and wondered around.

The ability to help someone and be helped at the same time is a reciprocal wonder to have. It makes each better than on their own or individually.

The colors and the dimming light contrasted in a way, mirroring the conversation. The recounting and spoken or not, the revelations and realizations of how to see perspective on what was or what may be.

As the setting sun gave outline to the foreground, separating the people on the beach and holding a togetherness simultaneously.

A chance frame makes for a serendipitous find. A mistake turned to have meaning and purpose. Yes, more of this in life please.

While I will never know what this person was doing or thinking I can take the moment and tell a story about what I saw and see to connect in many ways. Imagination is a wonderful way to see what is so difficult to find.

The last moment of sunlight for the day as I put my camera away. I see the sunset as the end of the day but also an opportunity to begin something new and anticipate what could be tomorrow.

Healing friends – friends and healing. It works both ways.