Dissent, Humanity, Trans

On a rant

I am queer and trans! No apologies!

If you are one to have issue with me, my existence or anyone else, why are you still reading?

I dissent from the ideas where what is benign is an attack on others or children. This is a blatant excuse to be a destructive and lazy parent. LGBTQ+ people holding hands is not a problem, nor is kissing. Your inability to teach your children is a problem. This over sheltering will only hurt you and them. Those people might think about getting their head out of wherever it is stuck. I wish them the best of luck.

But OK, they are sleeping and just calling it in, so it must all be a silly dream to them. Quite a shock when they join reality and actually wake up, get out of bed and be a part of the world.

So, wake up, wake up you sleepy head, get up, get outta bed, live, love, laugh and be happy! (yes, I did not follow the lyrics quite exactly)

Have a beautiful and fantastic day all you spectacular people who are here and part of the living world! Enjoy some sunshine with open eyes!