Humanity, why

Experience and Choice

We can experience life.

Like we can read a book, hear sounds of music and the world.
We can see the sunrise and sunset and all the days and nights can offer.
We can feel a hug, kiss, a fist, knife or bullet.
We can find love or give and take hate.
All the ways we can live.

Does each one of these produce the exactness every time?

Is every sunrise you have ever seen or are all the rainy days the same to you? Is there variation in how one can experience something or is it all the same as is and was?

Is there a choice in there anywhere for any of us?

If the thought is, this or that was as it was because of someone or something other than oneself, then do we have choice? Does freewill exist? If anything can be pointed to as the cause of something then we are victims and choice is given not made. We are nothing but a product of our environment and can do nothing but be pushed like a lifeless bit of debris in the current.

Can we separate the world around us and still take part, enjoy and be if life is a choice to make for each of us? We can allow the universe to carry us as a particle of dust where we go and what may happen is beyond control, or take life in and see, hear, feel, smell the everything as a choice, a will to be part and not just float on where the wind may.