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The Morning Fuzzies

After the moment of fuzzy minded I am overcome with upon waking and like a dream it all dissipates into a forgotten memory, the day begins. I use the descriptor day for ease of communication sake, as the sun is never (again “never”, a word not used literally) as it is enough to say and communicate to get closer to a sense of understanding. So, the morning, yes, Coffee, often music and WTF am I in-store for today? The typical temp and sometimes precipitation, wind, UV may be a thought or what is on my work or personal calendar?

Now, to get on with this ramble, my post-fuzz thought is what is under my umbrella of influence to encourage a day I would like to have?

I went to the SFMOMA a while back. Taking a peak at photos I took there and inspiration starts to burn off more of my fog obscuring ‘stuff’.

Not the museum photo that could be a first thought. I was interested in something else that day.

Another one in the similar exploration in search of something.

I will get to a typical, show the whole piece, eventually.

Just like past posts, if you look at the same things in the same way how could you find something new? Maybe one can or not but this is not my style.

Here are a couple, you can see all of what we tend to look at in the frame images.

Yes! A bit of queerness!

I intend to chose how I see today and what will happen for a vantage that is good over, well duh, bad.

Just as you probably have a different take on the images here than me, I can chose on many levels how today sits with me. If I end up screwing up, then I may look at today down the road and see what I missed.