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It seems to make sense

I saw a description today of why someone who was raised religious does not believe. Bear with me on this if you can. It boiled down to the way they saw religion as fear based. The what if you are wrong idea about religion. There was some mentions on love and family having some base in fear as well. This got me to thinking about how different aspects of our society and is there a fear component there.

To list a few founded or not have a significant component in fear. Job is one, death, health are all big parts and of course love and freedoms we may have. I then made a connection to American politics and what is deemed bad, wrong, etc. War on drugs is an example. If people are dealing or using they are already outside the law and direct control of parts of the government. If any group of people are farther from direct injection of fear, then there seems to be a major effort to eliminate them and paint those people as a threat and this creates fear in those that are already under the thumb of control of the fear machine.

The daily lives so many of us have with technology is a tool that can be used to push fear into a device in your purse, bag or pocket. Technology can peer into every aspect of anyone’s life whether they want it to or not. Suri, Alexa are obvious but if you have a credit card or debit card and especially a rewards card at a store you can be tracked and reported on and that information is bought and sold.

Then I had to ask myself, what about the assault on trans and non-binary or the LGBTQ+ community as a hole, are we under attack because the ease in which we can be controlled by fear has been reduced? Put fear back into us is a way to pull people back into the mix and gain control over a group. Maybe it is not LGBTQ+ but everyone else the screw is tightening down on in one aspect of an outcome?

Be another Kool-Aid drinker in a sense. Be religious, be afraid something bad might happen, do and be like everyone else and you have been brought under the umbrella of fear and this fear can easily be used to push and pull you where the creators of that want you to go.

Wreck-less in one thing but being fearful as a trained response is the making of Pavlov’s dog out of a population. The bell is a threat on any level that generates fear.

I am not religious as I refuse to take out an afterlife insurance policy, just in case it is not all BS. If it is BS as I see it, I would die regretting never living for anything much but a “what if?” If I am wrong, then so be it, but I am alive and I refuse to live any moment I can not doing so because of fear.

As many have heard the words or there about; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Do a search or look through Who Said, ‘We Have Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself’? to see that this phrase as is commonly associated with FDR is far older and longer in its history.

Again, in a sense, this phrase has been perverted and popularized out of the early connotations which were atheist in their tone and hue.

Those who remember Microsoft bashing of Linux very hard and heavy and the phrase often used in conjunction was FUD or fear, uncertainty and doubt. Make enough people have FUD about something and it will be pushed out to pasture to wither away.

It looks like the government and religious leaders along with the FUD tactics of corporations have been learning over time how to make and distribute FUD on new levels with more fire and brimstone each iteration they make.

So while those that are captive of FUD fight those who resist its control and corral the resistors to the slaughterhouse, it might be prudent for those Shepard’s to watch their back as they will be dragged to their end by the very means they drag others to theirs.

Now, I am not saying life and choice are not something that is free from danger. I could cross paths with just the wrong person and that will be the end. I knew this long before I came out but I came out to live not to be a puppet or minion of fear that leads only to regret.

I also see that anyone who would harm another, does so most often out of fear. This is not the spoken fear but of the ideals or beliefs they may attempt to uphold. That is fear, real fear, true fear. To buy in to an idea so deeply and firmly that if there is deviation even in other people that they will be punished is the most deep seeded fear that I can imagine. A fear so strong that one will take life to delay or appease the fear. Those people are the minions to watch out for, avoid and hope they can get out of the strings that are pulling them.

I can honestly say that when I grant fear less power my stress goes down, way down, my enjoyment grows and life is so amazing.

Wikipedia – FUD

When I decide and make a decision that is not based in the fear society educates us to have and go forward I am so often far better off. This also takes power away from others who push this intentionally or not. Why does guilt or making fun or jokes of others work to cause them to feel bad and might change their behavior for what they may be persecuted for, fear. If you ignore the assholes and bitches making one feel bad as they are asserting power you take away that power, influence and control by refusing to succumb to their desires.

The notion of dissent carries a negative connotation as it dismisses the idea that to be apart from the larger crowd in such a way is dangerous and risky and leads to fear.

Take back yourself from the grip you may be held under or is this the weapon of choice for you?