My Opinion, Written


Why is this idea so pervasive in the world I see around me? What does perfection attain?

I would guess one could make all sorts of statements on those questions and I do get caught up in that at times myself. When I take time to think about this after stepping back and calming down from whatever is pushing me to seek out some manner of perfection I desire to pull away from those excuses and notions that perfect is in some way better than imperfections.

What I find is happiness is a goal and perfection is not synonymous with happiness one does not lead to the other. They can have a relationship however lose that may be in my eye.

Why do people tend to achieve perfection? As I do not know nor can say with any authority, my guess is what it is. In this connected society of like buttons and all that entails where profit is the driver in the form on money or popularity, perfection is needy, selfish and puts the wants of others ahead of what I or someone may need to get closer to happiness more often. As happy is not a place on really stays and never leaves. We travel through or touch for a bit. Maybe we visit or live next door to happy and drop in for a tea or coffee. Like the sunrise and set or phases of the moon we are not always calmly and comfortably watching the sunrise. Phases and cycles are a part of life.

I have long been one to resist competing with others and often chose to measure against myself. This too has drawbacks and I would like to remember I can slow down, relax and just see if happy is up for an afternoon chat or lunch meetup.

I am fallible as I am human. Perfection is a target that cannot remain still. Hit it once and it has moved before one can tray again. Goals are important and so can the path those goals take as I see it.

Why don’t I not make time with happiness and not a mirage of what happiness might be as the world around me appears to be selling. I am not in the mood to be sold what I do not need today.

In my dismissal of perfection I may be closer to heading i the direction of purpose and that sounds like a far more enjoyable and fruitful journey to a day with happy to me.