It has been a while – Time to post something.

When lack of sleep and stress combine things get strange, very strange. Returning to a more typical state is a spiraling mess that creates a screeching feedback like fingernails on a chalkboard and that intense microphone screeching. A jarring, unexpected jolt and no way to ignore while nothing else seems to exist as that assault distorts absolutely everything.

Figuring out how to shutdown or even just slow enough of the agitation to do anything constructive to move any closer to sleep is yet another challenge at minimum. The mental and emotional tools and techniques are out of reach.

I have slept more in the past 24 hours than any given week in more months than I care to admit. I will spend the next bit of time to repeat the past 24 hours over the holiday and see where I might get to.

I plan to sleep through the holiday that consumes this weekend.

As I have texted a friend many times over the years: Sleep well and dream interesting. (Haven’t used this in a while, time to bring it back.)