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Where Am I Going

I asked myself this question as I walked the streets of San Francisco. On this sunny Thanksgiving. I spent time with the city I love. I was going in the direction of Ocean Beach. As I cannot be with the people I would like to, I kept thinking to myself, where am I going?

After I opened the second package of Kleenex I used to wipe up the tears, I was struck with a thought carrying an inertia and a kinetic energy like the waves crashing on the beach with the power to destroy and sustain life.

I am already where I am going.

This transformed into an answer of what I was just asking myself in repetition.

Over the next mile to the beach I went up and down hills, both litteral and emotional.

I am still as I sit in Golden gate Park flowing over those mental and emotional hills.

I am already where I am going. Even as I have much to do in my journey, I am where I need to be. This in itself is where I need life to located. If I were at the end, then that is where I would be, not somewhere along the way.

I set out today after I created a playlist I titled ‘sad walk’ to find something I did not expect. To find comfort, just as I did.

As I carried my camera, some photos I took on my walk in the greatest city on earth, just exactly where I need to be.


2 thoughts on “Where Am I Going

  1. Is that Cliff house in those beach photos? I regret that I didn’t get a chance to visit when I was in San Fran back in 2012. It’s cool that it still exists, but it doesn’t look as nice as it did in 1950, when it sported the Googie-lite architecture. But I would say that…

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    • Cliff House is in 2 of them (behind the fire-hydrant). I don’t think it still operates the same as it did, even just a few years ago. I think I saw where someone Photoshoped a Taco Bell sign on it after some news about it.


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