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How I Successfully Refuse

I have been able to do something over a year ago now that I thought would be much more difficult. I am not done by a long way, but much progress has been made. I stopped giving my money to Amazon and thus Whole Foods, etc. This has grown a bit larger in scope than I first thought. I am phasing out Google, Apple, etc. Zero Facebook or Instagram that is for sure and has been so for many years.

To dump Amazon I needed something that would work as some kind of replacement. What I found is not the end or final goal but is a big step. I started with a Shipt subscription at Target. I found that I actually like it much better. Where I live my play a part in this I must admit. I can get groceries in 2 hours along with whatever else the local Target has in stock. The part I like most is the person who delivers is the same as the one who went to get what I ordered. It is also less expensive than a Amazon Prime subscription. I now have a Shipt account and can order from multiple stores. They are all names we likely recognize and so I will phase Shipt out at some point.

What surprised me is I did not just leave it here. I began to make my own liquid soap, shampoo, body moisturizer, exfoliating, etc. I may make some posts on how I went about this.

What I found is amazing. For example, body and face exfoliating. I have tried so many and some very expensive on my income. When I started making some of my own exfoliate I found the easiest one to make is also so inexpensive it is strange to think about. You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen right now for what works better than a above $40 little container I bought a couple times. I do not remember the amounts, but just regular white granulates sugar and just a small amount of olive oil, mix together so the olive oil golds the sugar together just enough and there you go, the best body exfoliating I have ever tried.

I started all this as I hated giving my money to Bezos and the like. What I found is one can make and have the ability to adjust the ingredients to be just what you might need. It does take some trials to get right but the cost and satisfaction is worth it for me.

I took other means to reduce my dependency and shelling out of money to big companies and billionaires and I am making progress, sometimes slower than I would want to.

A few examples are I often light a couple candles (I live in an area open windows are usually not an issue) turn off the lights and chill with a coffee or hot cup of tea.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I may make more posts on this topic and add in details. For example the ways I am not losing functionality and phasing out Apple, Google, etc.

If you have let go of anything like this, please let me know or if you want to do this, tell me what, I might have thoughts to get started.

When Amazon is sad I am:

Down with the billionaires and megacorps!

Long live humans!