My Opinion, Written


Most people have been inundated with the words binary or spectrum recently. If you talk about Autism or gender and many other topics of social discourse currently out there in the environment we occupy.

I would like to ask, even if to just myself, what about a related but different word – quantum?

As most are probably aware in a binary system there are 2 possible values. On / off, true, false, yes / no, etc. Before binary was popular the word boolean is what I have been exposed to as a definition or descriptor of this system.

Then we have spectrum. A range of values from one absolute to another and all the gradient variations in-between. A line from one end to the other. One could take this line and add a second dimension to create a plane. Think of a color wheel where the possible values are a single dot located at some point in the 2D spectrum. Be there 100 or 16 million or more possible points.

As I introduce my thoughts on the quantum variation I pull from the little understanding I have on how quantum computing works, specifically the qbit. In typical computing where binary is an off or on, in a qbit you begin with an off or on, but both states can concurrently hold multiple values of off or on. Like a number that is denoted as a power or superscript.

When I, and I would be inclined to think I am not alone, have a thought that generates an opinion on a discrete idea I may and often do have variations with my opinion that are adjusted or influenced by more factors or variables than I could possibly list or account for. Generalizing this, time is a significant category under which numerous possibilities can be categorized. Time can be part of environmental factors, or not. What have my empirical experiences been over a span of time and how do they influence and to what degree the moment in which I may communicate or act as a result of an opinion I hold?

When I think of how to quantify my experience I tend to jump straight over to qualify. This exercise, to me, seems like making a finite conclusion on something that is in constant flux. You could measure a point in time, but before the measurement can be processed in ones mind the value has moved on. I am aware of trends and projections, however I am thinking of human nature and the often present idea of chaos we tend to point at in human behavior and response.

To get to my thought, it would seem to me that an opinion I may have can and very often does have the properties of a qbit, or having multiple values at the exact same moment.

No intended detraction from binary or spectrum systems, but I like to blend in and stand out, so ponder of the quantum qbit if you are so inclined.