Yes, I know that Twitter is now a cesspool

As a trans woman I have no idea why anyone would chose to be trans with what we are subjected to daily and without even leaving where we live or talking with anyone. The hate comes to us.

A short list of daily shit that is flung in the direction of the trans community and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole is well beyond daunting.

First everything costs more, like it or not. It is one luxury most do not have the ability to compensate for and that is to tip extra or be pressured or forced to pay more for the exact same good or service to just not be treated like crap. One has a difficult time seeing anything that even resembles news without being attacked. If I step outside and 10 people see me I will likely get at least 2 if not many more gestures in varying degrees of what amounts to hate. That is if it is a good day and no one yells disgusting words or far worse.

These are the easy ones. Being under fire just to keep your job is a stress on a whole new level. The click of a field in some computer somewhere can make someone homeless or broke and sometimes both. When your entire net-worth; retirement, investments, checking and savings can be taken away on a baseless policy of a financial institution where one needs those resources to get those very resources back is more than a kick in the face it is a direct assault.

I could exhaust me and any reader with more, but why?

With this, why would anyone chose to be trans? Who would put themselves through this and more for some tiny whatever they say trans people do? I cannot imagine what would be worth losing every penny, family, friend, possession and more for anything.

I like so very many just want to exist and do so peacefully without the constant internal torment that is life before coming out and transitioning.

Even as Twitter is the disaster it is, this is a short video that just makes sense. Jessee Graham states her position well.

A few replies to this Tweet;

“Why does HATE even have a platform !”

That lady in the video, just relayed the TRUE MESSAGE to the so called “Christians”, trying to remove specks out of the eyes of others, but have boulders in their own eyes. Wow!!!!!!

Love Jesse! She is fighting another example of outsiders micromanaging everybody else’s lives. Ever wonder what goes on behind THEIR closed doors??

“I’ve never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but I have been in Church. Twice!” Needs to be put up on billboards around the country.

#NoPlatformForHate TransRightsAreHumanRights #trans #transgender