My Opinion, Written

I guess you would have an opinion on this

Great, you have an opinion. That is not bad in itself. What you do with your opinion, however can take a benign state to either good or bad. Like tools of many types, they are not positive or negative in a state of non-use. It is a person, as fallible as we are, that uses a tool like language for example, and the manner in which it is employed is the determination of the result.

Take this Taoist saying: “When the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.” I hope you can get the sentiment in this.

How about something a bit more modern?

Language is the liquid
That we’re all dissolved in
Great for solving problems
After it creates a problem

Modest Mouse “Blame It On The Tetons”

Let me say again, have your opinion. Just use your opinion in a way that does not cause harm.

With my use of the word harm I am well aware that can be a Pandora’s box. Allow me to explain, again, what this means when I say this.

Harm is when you take choice away from others, or make a choice that limits someones choice. Easy example is, if you kill someone you take every possible future choice away from them.

If you deny choice in others or anyone denies you choice, then harm is what results. So make you choice so long as it does not harm anyone.

That might be a messed up way to lead into this, but I didn’t hurt anyone so all is good.

Now I am going to say something about myself, give you my opinion if you want to look at it that way. I have made and will surely continue to make choices people will not understand and that is fine by me. You do you and let me be me. Do not presume that you know all that goes on in my heart, mind and life based on whatever momentary observation(s) you grab on to. The same goes for anyone else.

If you don’t understand another choice then in all likelihood you are missing something, like what is going on in the heart and mind of the other making a choice. Now, I am fully aware it is not easy to look at oneself and say something like, I don’t understand and well there is just things I do not or cannot know, so I will reserve judgement until I can learn more.

Unless one is all knowing, one should hold pushing judgement on others as much as a person is able to.

I know I am over simplifying all this, but I do hope you have intellect and can come to your own conclusions when drawing on the words here.

So have your opinion and please use this tool for good and positive things and not to hurt others, and just have a good day.

P.S. I am guilty of this and yes, this is a rant. I will get over it.