My Opinion, Written

When you get the “most people” response

When I get the “most people” treatment by health care providers or better yet the I know, because I am a Dr. I want to walk away at best. At the worst I can think of so many, worst outcomes.

A bit of background for you in a vague sense. Some of the longest running shitshows in my life have been a result of these 2 things in one way or another. I spent more than a couple decades in ignorance and living a misguided existence as a result.

My fault in ways for going along, but I was young at the time, like pre 16 years old young, so not a lot of experience or wisdom to draw from in all of that. But I did not see what I needed for many years to come and getting out of that was not easy as I needed a provider to do more to help me than one could reasonably expect to find.

There are other examples I could allude to, but I hope you get my point. While a tough job that helps so many people, it does not automatically mean the patient is wrong and the provider is correct.

If you add in finance, insurance, big Pharma and government you have the makings of something that is at the core good and helpful and contort it into something disgusting.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying anything bad about anyone in healthcare or they are bad people, shut that shit off right now. The healthcare system in society is in a predisposition from all or nearly all sides to be or have this perception placed on them.

So, as I think about interacting with these people, it is not about them in the majority of ways, but the sum of what we are exposed to and have to rely on with our health when going it alone is not an option.

For the most people part of all this, where do you tend to be most often, in or out of the most people group? As I ponder this, I can see in my past I have or likely have been not been part of “most people” far more often than I realized at the time or even after, sometimes for numerous years.

I am not and do not need to be a “most people.” How about you?