My Opinion, Written

That one time when…

I was in that relationship and it ended.

I guess we have all been there in some form or another, but I am specifically referring to a romantic, dating, partner, sexual, etc. relationship. When things come to a close and the end is where I find myself for what ever reason a lot of things happen at this point. One I have not done much of is look for anything good later in that past part of life.

I have done so much introspection that this was one I visited. Some of those it was difficult to find or remember the good, but I gave them a go. Not as a task or goal, it just kinda happened over the last couple of years and in no specific order.

For whatever it is worth or it seemed appropriate to also mention what it might cost me. I am going to be vague about those ghosts of realities past.

First, it took all of them to get me here in the place I am mentally, emotionally and the like. One of them brought me physically to the city I live. The city which is home even when it is a mess or costs too much, etc.

Another gave me my dog, and I will not go further into this, but my dog carried me through some shit times the the relationship could not.

I would be remiss if I didn’t make mention of all those firsts that just happen.

So as I have wondered through thoughts and memories this is a topic that I repressed most of my life and now I have more skills to do something productive and worthwhile it is a nice feeling. To move on from a situation that ended and still see the reason to say something great happened then and go about my day knowing it is far from all doom and gloom.

A new something can happen any moment, I hope I can be ready and realize when it is right in front of me. A new crazy experience awaits somewhere with someone, somehow.