My Opinion, Written

Baggage and Fear

While I may not have much of what many aspire to such as money or whatever, I have found that I have more than I could have imagined earlier in my previous life. What I do have is worth more than any amount of money, notoriety, or anything I can label in such a way.

When the time in my life came as a eureka or epiphany that it was so clear and obvious that I had to let go of what I feared and start to live life, I never anticipated what would really happen. I dove into the unknown with little more than an “I must” or “What choice do I have”, etc. It might have been able to be described as a suicide mission or kamikaze. In ways there might be something there, in that I sacrificed “things” to get to today. I left so much behind, but that was baggage that I carried because I thought I had to, not out of need. I left much fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, and what kept me from being and living a full and engaged life.

While it has not been all sunshine and roses at every moment, the moments that were and are not just perfect are in important ways, good to have and that makes the bad, well, not so bad and actually good.

What I can see I have learned and picked up as I dropped all that burdened me and held me back and down, this gave me strength and room to find, see and appreciate more and more. I have space in my life for what is good and helpful.

The best path I took was when I was in a place that I risked everything, family, friends, work and beyond. What I found was I lost nothing but what I should have never held on to in the first place.

With care and compassion I go forward having trust in myself and leave those where they may be who cannot appreciate how far I have come.

Mental cobwebs no longer collect as they did. Emotional baggage has been cleared out. A once dark and dusty attic has rays of sun in the day and a clear view of the stars at night.