My Opinion, Written

Who Am I

For myself, this also begs the question of who are you?

In order for me to explain myself there must be communication and for this communication to have any desired effect comprehension is required on both sides.

How does one go from communicating to a place where comprehension achieves understanding?

I return to who am I and who are you?

When communicating, comprehension is assumed or overlooked too often. What one needs to communicate and gain understanding may be very different from one to another. Each aspect has nuance and intricacies that may be foreign to the other. What one does not know or acknowledge might be fundamental for the other.

Expectation of another where one does not know enough to make judgements is a barrier and deterrent to communication and all the aspects involved. One would not easily be able to determine what the thoughts and experiences of another are that would impact a specific interaction. What led to that moment in big and small ways? Communication with self is limited too and to enable others to comprehend is not an end one can expect or ask of another.

Time is an ingredient as well. The recipe for understanding is unique for each person and likely for each time it is made. Time contributes to this thought as well.

Communicate and do your best but expect to not know and give comprehension time and forgiveness. People learn. They grow. Stagnation is not a part of what time does much.

Stand still and keep moving – they are both achievable simultaneously – just listen so you can be heard.