My Opinion, Written

Why is hate so contagious and compassion difficult to find?

It is entirely too easy to see the hate in the world for me. Just a few minutes on any social media and it is nearly impossible to escape. The feelings boil and militant thoughts burn. Then I step away and see that is not the answer for me. Responding to hate with hate is a feedback loop that makes fingernails on a chalkboard seem beautiful and pleasant. Returning foul words with foul words does not generate progress in anything other than starting a fight.

Fight fire with water, not more fire. Yes, I am aware that fire can help manage fire, but more flame and fuel is not an ending strategy. Unless animation is the goal and all will be burned if so.

I wrote a thought recently, well, I made a voice memo and transcribed it. This is the result of what I spoke to myself.

Question, so this is there a concerted organized or even disorganized effort by the LGBTQ plus community to say you can’t be Christian, that those people shouldn’t exist? If there is, I know nothing of it and I’m part of that community. So the question, the question I have to wonder, is does being LGBTQ plus, does the existence of people deny others the the ability to have faith? Let alone exist as people of faith? I don’t know of anyone or anything anyone that does really. I mean, there may be some that, probably in response to a lot of the things that GOP and conservative Christian nationalism crap is doing to the LGBTQ plus community. So it seems kind of strange that that Christian nationalism wants to eliminate LGBTQ plus people. But LGBTQ plus people don’t really seem to have a broad overall problem with the existence of Christians, Jews or Muslims are Hindus or anybody else. Seems kind of bazaar. So, if being LGBTQ plus people exist how does that keep you from being as a person as an individual person personal faith? I really can’t see that It does so I guess I’m thinking that this, this attack on LGPTQ plus by people of faith or so they claim is the most unreligious, unfaithful, unChristian thing in existence. It is more unChristian more anti-Christian than LGBTQ plus ever was or will be. Please, I’m not here to beat argue, I’m not here to fight about it. I want to understand if I’m right wrong, whatever. I want to understand what is happening and if I’m wrong explain it to me so that I can understand.

Why is hate so contagious and compassion difficult to find? I am human and flawed. My ability to transcend is bound by my limits of existence as it is. I do seek to find areas where I may find I may be transcendental beyond what I once knew I was capable of. My journey is to not win over others but myself. I have many challenges to overcome and not being influenced by the hate that is so prolific is one I will likely face over and over for much time to come.