Fog and light In the morning

This is something I had some fun doing early one morning not long ago when I was out and about in San Francisco.

The evening before was just beautiful and as I was out I could hear the fog horn from the direction of the bridge. This has long been a time I have enjoyed for many reasons, one is the quiet beauty. The sounds are grand even if the decibels are very low. Creating an ambiance with light and motion making even the mundane come into a new life. Even if most people are asleep the world wakes up and gives a sensory rich performance.

Early the next morning I put together a small bag with my Nikon, phone and some supporting stuff to take a few pictures and some video. I did not have a proper plan, just be there and grab what looked or sounded good.

This is the video that resulted from that morning. I added in one of the tracks I was listening to as I edited.