My Opinion, Trans

Why I See Representation as Important

I was having a bad day like humans do and this was an interesting one I remember well. I was in Hayes Valley of San Francisco. I cannot even recall why I was there that day at this point but I know I had a place to be at a specific time. I had walked to a less crowded part of the street to collect myself as it was a crying day. I collected myself enough I could head down a couple blocks and not look like as much of a wreck.

I looked up and a woman came out from a shop and I do not want to know what expression may have been on my face.

Before I continue I need to add some backstory here. I lived in LA for 9-10 months or so not long before this. One of the numerous aspects of LA I could not wait to leave was the “I meet so-n-so” banter. I would hate to see anyone famous as the attacks of accolades or requests, or disagreement, etc. was nauseating to hear about not to mention see.

The woman I might have seen, and really I do not know and it does not matter was Jamie Clayton. Regardless the fact that I might have passed her on the street took me from I hope I don’t look like I have been sobbing for days to a smile and turned my day from crap to I have this under control.

When a demographic of people have representation this in itself can make changes even tiny ones that just give a smile to someone in need to a place where acceptance is possible and achievable on some scale bigger than it is at the time.