My Opinion

Without Reason or Explanation

Things change and as this is the way of the world and life I just try to be use to it and move on in the best way I am able in that moment.

This is a convoluted way to get to where I want to on here, but follow me if you could.

There is a link to a track below in this post to a song that in several ways I am gravitating to and have for a bit of time now.

So what TF does this have to do with the words above? Well, I will tell you.

The words or lyrics as well as the music that create the tone or ambiance this track touches me with wrap this into a nice container to share in whatever way that may be worth with others a single aspect of my experience in the life.

And as the title suggests I may at any moment without warning, reason, cause, etc. change my mind and move on. Maybe I gain an attachment to another song, or it could not be audio based but visual or a video, how about a still image. You get the idea.

I am not bound nor should I be and that is a part of the point. Appreciate what is as it is and when change happens move on to something new.

You never know, the most challenging and difficult ‘thing’ may be just exactly what you need and never knew you wanted the opportunity to experience.