IRL vs. Digital

I know the importance of digital and remote communications in our lives. I am not blind to this and how it helps us connect with others we know and will never know.

With this I still strive to be as in real life as I am able. The conundrum in some cases is the difference between digital and physical art I struggle a bit.

To get the word out and have exposure for digital is an altogether other ‘thing’ than it is for physical art. I need digital as I need physical art but for not the same reasons or results.

When I think about how to mix and match the benefits of one with the other I often fall short. I do not have the answers. I am aware that if I make a choice today I risk changing my mind tomorrow, thus defeating my own cause is a threat.

With this rambling I am making a choice to share a digital representation of a work of my physical art to see what happens, if anything.

This is oil on canvas with a plaster texture. It does have a title, but that is for me and publicly this work is ‘untitled’. The painting measures 12″ x 12″.