My Opinion, Trans

Difficult AF

It is just fucking hard and difficult to not share my experience as a trans feminine person. The reason can be distilled down to the simplicity that even as aspects suck a bag o’ giant moldy ones the intense knowledge of such freedom beyond what I have ever known possible is glorious.

Imagining and comparing the size of the universe to what I can quantify is a futile task in my mind. Doing the same for what life could be before I came out and began my journey of what may be millions of steps irrespective of any completeness of all the “proper planning” one may be included to cave to the pressure of and the treacherous road along the way, life is so far beyond what I could even begin to put my mind around.

Why wouldn’t anyone who could honestly make this statement keep this to themselves? It is as if I have unlocked magic or superpowers in myself and all that goes with that including any crippling weakness that is a part of the heroine and hero lexicon.

I am an emotional being as human and I have denied myself such basic principles for nearly my entire life. The emotions that rush through me like a typhoon in a city sewer that had to erupt even the reinforced concrete channels from time-to-time. The choke-points and restrictions have been removed and the gates have opened. The ensuing flood was not the destruction predicted. Instead the waters flowed to nourish the barren wasteland to a vibrant garden full of life and possibility.