My Opinion


This word is one I associate with a nation or a centrally governed territory. I am well aware of other meanings of this word, but I am not a dictionary. I am just expressing my own thoughts, please disagree as needed.

I am jumping through music; artists, tracks, genres and noting under a category of country music, zero.

Country music is the only genre I have a strong aversion to. This is due to the association in myself with that form of {cough, cough} music.

Then I can go back to the definition I think of with this word and it gets worse. The country folk, listening to country music are in ways a governed territory even as it may not be a recognized nation in the UN sense.

There is a culture that permeates the notions of a government. Now, I am not concerned with this in a grand way other than I used the word culture.


So in the country there are what I might refer to a tiny towns and mentioning the stereotype of outsiders in such a place one might be able to infer my disdain as an outsider in nearly everywhere I have lived.

I am sure there are good and well meaning people that live in these places, I know some of them and they listen to that music, I am not that short sighted to think that if one or some are then all are, I fucking hope so anyway.

So go listen to your music, whatever it is, enjoy and have some fun.

But PLEASE be nice to the outsiders.