WTF happened?

Something reminded me of some badass memories today. This in itself, the memory part anyway, is not at all unusual. Although the thoughts today generated an impromptu playlists consisting mostly of The Dead Milkmen, King Missile, Descendents, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and what not.

A couple friends in high school; Jenny and Candi would sit in the hall before the first class, well they would I stood mostly. Candi drove and there was others in the small shit brown car from time-to-time, I think.

Disclaimer: Should they see this, my memory has embellished this, so accuracy is expected to not be present in the sense of historical and rather more of a memoir to make an interesting (to me) post.

I would recite lines or maybe sing them from songs I had on repeat at the time, often it was The Dead Milkmen as we hung out before class.

Let me begin this recounting in inaccuracy with The Dead Milkmen and Punk Rock Girl.

Take a listen:

I can feel the resonance of punk still bouncing around in my fabric.

See, I think I did something. Maybe you thought this would mention those HS friends more, but we are both mistaken on that and if so, oops. They are just a part of a larger collection of thoughts and while it has been a very long time I want to just make a mention of 2 awesome people from my past.

I did see them live (yes the band who does this song), twice. Cool, but in some ways was just a marker and anti-climactic as well, but not the point here.

I was a weird messed up person in HS. Being hit with the Fa*t slur was just a daily or more frequent occurrence. I cared and didn’t. My blank (I did not dress the typical punk style) aesthetic punk just didn’t give a shit what Johnny the jock thought. I just wanted them all to shut the Fuck Up!

Yea, I added King Missile in and again, listen and form your own damn thoughts.

I could have added other tracks, like “it’s Saturday” or “Detachable Penis” but why?

Punk, that is what I am talking about here and YES I am fully aware I have not added any ‘real punk’ by many standards, bear with me please.

For me and kindly go do very uncomfortable and demeaning things to yourself if there is any notion I need, have to, should, etc. have the same thoughts, opinions, ideas or beliefs as you, punk is an expression of an ideology and not an aesthetic or what have you.

Let me go to another word I happen to like, nope not like, love!


Yep, you might have it similar. Punk contains elements of dissent the way I look at it.

But if you are an ‘I hate punk’ person do not despair! If you lean just a bit closer… Finding dissent is easier than you might think, shh… Go look and find some for yourself, today! It’s only $19.99 a month after your free trial. OR, you could steal it and give the finger on your way out.

I am feeling the punk vibes resonate this morning (relative term to my sleep schedule, or lack of), so if you can find it in the goodness of your heart to be so very kind and get off your ass (literally or not, I don’t care, but how about both) to give yourself some punk AF energy today!

Nope, not Sex Pistols, but how about some Jello!

Time to pull out the oils and brushes. I am painting on canvas before I grab some spray paint!

Where’s my coffee at?!?!?!