I Dissent

There is a tone too often linked with the word dissent that I see as unfunded. As the result of conditioning one endures and succumbs to in order to “go along, to get along” and stop the questions, the accusations and just make things easier on oneself.

I, for myself claim this is bullshit. Others can do as they please as long as I can make my own choices. While I prefer not to have to be subjected to cornering with words. I refuse to back down, to make my life easy so I can evade those trapping phrases with no agreeable way out.

The word protest is in much the same place as dissent. As a participant in many protests I can say first hand a protest is not what most imagine.

It is my responsibility to myself as a free thinking human to stand firm in what I believe until given good cause not to. One of those is to compassionately as I may, give others the same respect to disagree with me or anyone else, just do not extend effort to convert me.