I am about at the one year point after dumping Amazon and thus Whole Foods, etc. This is not an accomplishment nor a brag but just an act of self care. I mention this as a lead-in to this web ‘turd’ (as a good friend might refer to it, IDK why?) does NOT use a Google Analytics.

I do this for two primary reasons; one for you and the other for me.

Then there is the umbrella rationale be it sound or not, I just don’t care either way. It might have the potential to give less of you and me to Goggle.

Tech giants and corporations should be left to starve and wither away from lack of data. Yes, I know a drop in the ocean. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Start Walking!

Make Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, all those fuckers horny as hell then lock them in chastity and melt the key! (might as well weld that thing closed or any other meanness you can conjure up!)